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Tree Doctor Steven   602 579 4982 

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Landscaping Irrigation Contractor
Pavers Overlay Patios, Pool Deck new again Driveways Courtyards
Out Door Living spaces

Repair Sprinkler  Test   Installation

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Rock Landscaping, River runs,
Lawn to rock scape, Rock to Lawn 
 Rock Landscapes Yard renovations and install 
Landscape, Lawns, Trees, plants, Grass, Soil, Watering systems expert

 Landscape Artist and Expert Re Landscape Restore, Accent, Reinvent 
Landscaping, Tree scape, Plant scape, Rock scape
We are experienced in how all these elements blend in a design aspect
And as to how fit these to scale in your Landscape in a natural   way
As nature does. Our vision is organic and simple 

Landscape Renovations

Topiary Creations
Old World   Quality

Travertine Patios, Overlay Pavers Pool Deck new again BBQs,

Travertine pool decks


Scottsdale Tree Doctor Arborist Quality Tree Care 35 years exp in Phoenix AZ 

Repair Landscape water system /timer repair or replace fast service

Sprinkler Repair & Installation
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WARNING ********

 WATERING systems do not grow with your trees and plants. The need to expand/add more water and move the emitters to where the roots are that uptake the water to the tree or plant   allowing for the change in size. And should be checked at least 1 time a year for plants and every 3 years for trees. Trees can become root bound other wise and can tend to blow over in high winds or have the growth stall /not thrive. 


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Leveling  Seeding Sprinklers   insect control, soil treatments
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