About Organic Landscape Services

Operating in Phoenix and the surrounding areas since 2002, Organic Landscape Service is a fully independent landscape design, repair and installation company owned and operated by Stephen Trett. They take care of everything from year round lawn care, to full scale landscape design and custom lighting. Serving both residential and commercial clients with over 30 years of experience, Organic Landscape Services has been proud to be your landscaping and custom design solution in the Phoenix & Scottsdale area of Arizona.

Organic Landscape Service’s Passion

As a second generation landscape contractor Stephen knows what it means to have true passion, workmanship and be able to do what you love everyday all while making your residential and commercial customers very thankful. To be in the care of someone who has a genuine devotion to making your remodel, renovation or repair impeccable every time, shows the level of dependability and service you get with Organic Landscape Service.

Our Never Ending Commitment to Custom Design

Specializing in beautiful topiary arrangements with cutting edge designs and shapes, Stephen’s eye for exclusive one of a kind abstract design will give you more than enough options to choose from. Also offering free information, Organic Landscape has thrived off of taking your great ideas and letting you know how to make them even better! Organic Landscape Services sets itself apart by not only educating you during the process but also giving you the necessary industry information that you only get from doing something the right way for years. Organic Landscape Service will take all those years of experience and knowledge and use them to empower you so your residential or commercial renovation or remodel is an investment you can be proud of and enjoy for years to come.



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