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Designing your dream landscape project or installation can be a hassle, even stressful at times. Not to worry, with over 30 years of experience and focus on customer satisfaction Organic Landscape Services has the tools to make your project as effortless as possible. We will work for you from the first day to ensure you get exactly what you're looking for. We offer free estimates on all projects to ensure you know all the project details from the beginning. Our design and installation services are top notch and deliver a level of quality that cannot be matched.

Landscape Design & Tree Care in Phoenix & Scottsdale, Az

    The many benefits of Landscape Design:

    Healthy Lawn

    There are many benefits to designing and planning your landscape design with Organic Landscape Services. There are many factors that make it beneficial as a living space for you and your loved ones, but also for keeping the critters out of your home and safe from chemical exposure. A professionally done landscape by Organic Landscape Services can aid in producing oxygen, removing harmful impurities from the air and capturing runoff. Also, a great landscape will not only increase your property value, it can reduce your energy bills. For instance ,if you have a tree shade over an air conditioner it will make it run much more efficiently.

    Our Landscape Restoration Approach

    Our approach to the landscape restoration process is simple, give 100% every time. Landscape restoration is essentially the process of regaining the ecological integrity of your lawn or project area while enhancing your well being and quality of life. We do this by approaching every project with professionalism and an unwavering attention to detail. Because you'll have one person handling your project right from the start, you’ll know exactly when and what will be done to make your project perfect. We guarantee your restoration will not only be beautiful for you to enjoy for years to come, but will all be done to code and regulations leaving you to simply enjoy your investment!



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